Hello, I’m Fuuko (Fuu for short). But that’s my pen name of course… (^_^; )

In the past, I had an over imaginative mind set that made me create a closed space that created my first story and most of my characters in it (though it was pretty childish and I had no idea how to express in paper haha…)

Now, I feel like typing them for fun (though I’m kinda not good at it still…) and want to try and spread out my own ideas of a stories whether be an idea that has been done before but done differently or a unique idea that’s never been done before and may be the next big idea but who knows… (^_^; )

Anyways, I hope that you enjoy the short story posts I put here. (^_^)

Feedback is also welcome.

If anything doesn’t seem right like no flow or few errors, tell me and I’ll re-edit and update the story ASAP.


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