Luna & Étoile’s Extra Story – Idol Fighter

Étoile: 5 years after Mama and Papa got married, Bro opened up to us for a bit and we started to play together.

Luna: I think there was one time where we found how awesome yet weird Sol was when we tried out Papa’s Company’s latest Card Game.

Étoile: Oh! “Idol Fighter”, right?

Luna: Yup! That’s the one!

*Nightingale House*

*Ding Dong*

Luna: Coming! *opens door* Oh, Aunt Yuka! What brings you here? Uncle Miko?

Yuka: Miko?! Where is he? Do I still look okay? (^//^ )

Luna: *smirks*

Yuka: *weird aura comes out* L-U-N-A. (^_^ )

Luna: Yes? (^_^; )

Yuka: *glares* Let’s see what will happen to if you try that again.

Luna: I rather not haha… (^_^; ) [The Yuka Glare is making it harder to make jokes around her recently…]

Yuka: So is he here or not? Also is Kosmo or Sis here?

Luna: Nope. Miko is currently taking college classes right now and Mama and Papa are still testing out the rules for a new card game their company is making since a few weeks ago.

Yuka: Ohh…So is it just the 3 of you left to guard the house again?

Luna: You can say that…but today we’re practicing for a school play with a couple of friends. (^_^ )

Yuka: Wait…Don’t tell me…

Rico: Olá! We’ve come to play!   Karona: Aloha! We’ve come to play!

Yuka: Hi Ringo…Santiago… (^_^; )

Karona: Come on Yuka. Call us by our first name. Ka-ro-na, not Ri-n-go!

Rico: Yeah! Ri-co, no San-ti-a-go!

Luna: Right…You are working Part-time at “Santiago Go-Karts” and “Ringo’s Tropical Market” ever since you started living by yourself…

Yuka: You don’t need to say that much! (>_<; )

Luna: Anyways, all three come of you, come in. (^_^ )

*In the house’s Game Room; 8-bit sounds can be heard*

Yuka: So you said the 5 of you are practicing for a school play, right?

Luna: Yup…

Yuka: Then…

*Sol, Luna, Étoile, Karona, and Rico are playing a game called “Udo Academy”*


Étoile: Hmm…Break time? (^_^ )

Yuka: Sol? Even you?

Sol: Quick Luna! Use Haruna’s Rapier and strike Hikari!

Luna: Alrighty! (^_^ )

Étoile: Hey, no fair Bro! Don’t help Sis! (>o<; )

Karona: Don’t mind Étoile! I’ll back you up!

Étoile: Thanks Kana! (^_^ )

Rico: Kenichi~ Tornado!

*Pow* *Pow*

Game Announcer: KOx4! Winner, Kenichi Kenshin!

Sol, Luna, Étoile, Karona: Huh? (0_0; )

Yuka: [He’s ignoring me huh…And that fighting game looks kinda intense… (^_^; )]


Yuka: Hmm? I wonder who’s that?

*Yuka goes and checks the front door but nobody is there. She then sees a parcel on the front step, picks it up, and brings it in the living room*

Yuka: Hmm…There’s also a note here attached to it.

*Yuka takes out the card decks out of the box and checks the contents on all of them; During this time, the note is being read with Kosmo’s voice*

To Miko or Yuka,

In this parcel there will be 5 Different Trial Decks out of 12 from the newest Card Game the company is making called “Idol Fighter”. Since we know both of you play the Udo Rising Card Game, we want you to check out each of these decks and the rules as well as give us your honest opinions about it after playing a few games. These are our post final product so please get back to us ASAP.

Kosmo and Yuki

Yuka: Looks like all these Decks look good and the rules seem simple enough…Though I’m not a good Deck analyser like Fuuko or J-ko…Maybe I’ll ask Miko about this once he returns…

*Sol, Luna, Étoile, Karona, and Rico enters the Living Room*

Étoile: Hey Aunt Yuka, Is this the new card game papa’s company’s going to release in a couple months?

Yuka: Yeah…It’s called “Idol Fighter” but without Miko helping me test out the post final products, I can’t give them my opinions about it…

Sol: Why don’t we test it out for you? There are five of us here and you can teach us the rules along the way.

Luna: Yeah! Plus, isn’t there like a Team Gameplay for this or is it only one on one?

Yuka: Come to think of it, I think there is a Team Gameplay part in the manual…*checks the manual* “Up to 18 players (9 per team/unit) can play at once”. So I guess it’s possible…

Karona: Seems to be a lot of people to be playing in one card game match…

Rico: I agree. This is the first time I heard a trading card game that needs this many people…

Yuka: Well let’s try it out then. Sol, Luna, and Étoile, you three will form one team while Karona and Rico form another.

Sol, Luna, and Étoile: Okay!             Karona and Rico: Alright!

Yuka: Okay, time to figure out which deck each of you will use-

Sol: I’ll try out the Ruby Deck!

Luna: Then I’ll take the Safaia Deck!

Étoile: I’ll choose the Rose Deck!

Karona: Looks like I’ll take the Aurora Deck!

Rico: The Emeraldo Deck is mine then!

Yuka: Or you guys already choose which ones you are using… (-_-; )

Sol: So what are the rules Aunt Yuka?

Luna: I’m really getting hyped about this! (^_^ )

Étoile: Me too! These cards look pretty too! (^_^ )

Karona: [I wish I can wear clothes like this every day… (^//^ )]

Rico: Woah! This card is shiny like an emerald! (0_0 )

Yuka: Alrighty calm down first all of you! Or… *weird aura comes out* *glares*

Sol, Luna, Étoile, Karona, and Rico: {(0_0; )} *all settled down*

*few minutes later*

Yuka: So now I told you the rules, are you all ready?

Sol, Luna, Étoile, Karona, and Rico: Yes Ma’am!

Yuka: Then let’s begin!

Sol: I’m gonna produce…    Luna: It’s…    Étoile: Time to…    Karona: Let’s…     Rico: Arise…

Sol and Rico: My Idol!        Luna: Idolization Time!         Étoile, and Karona: Idol up!


– Extra Story END


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