Sibling Magnet – Luna & Étoile’s First Step-Sibling Encounter

Luna: Hey Papa, when are we meeting our new Mama?

Kosmo: In due time Luna. You seem to be eager of meeting her. Why is that?

Luna: It’s been a while since Mama left us after that big ball of flame thingy happened in the city 3 years and then you started…I think the word is “cheating” with other women to replace her. (^_^ )

Kosmo: The word is not “cheating”, it’s “dating”! They are 2 different words! (^_^; )

Étoile: Uncle Miko, what are they talking about? What is a flame thingy? What is cheating? What is dating? Why Mama didn’t come back yet from her long trip?

Miko: It‘s better that you don’t about any of that now haha… (^_^; )

Étoile: Aww…Why?

Miko: When the time comes, okay?

Étoile: Okay…

Miko: *looks at a Café* Hey Kosmo, this is the place where we’re meeting Yuki, right?

Kosmo: Yeah…

Miko: Wait…Isn’t this the place where-

Kosmo: YES! This is the same place where Kari- *cough* Anyways, let’s go in…

Miko: Okay… Luna: Papa… Étoile: Yay~! We get to eat at a Café! (^_^ )

Luna: Well that was kind of…a nice way to open up our SibMag story… (^_^; )

Étoile: What do you mean nice?! You made Papa remember that incident with Mama even though I didn’t get it until a couple years later! (>_<; )

Luna: I was young and didn’t keep my mouth shut. I know when to now!

Étoile: Come to think of it, wasn’t this the first time we met Bro, Mama Yuki, and Oni Yuka, correct?

Luna: Yup, Yup, Yup! Correct! (^_^ )

Étoile: She was so nice to us back then…

Luna: Yeah…Well anyway, let’s continue on!

*In the Café*

Waitress: Welcome, how may I help you?

Miko: Hello. We’re here to meet some people.

Waitress: Kosmo, Miko, Luna, and Étoile, yes?

Miko: Yes.

Waitress: Okay. They’re over there at that table waiting for you.

Kosmo: Thank You for telling us.

Waitress: You’re welcome, sir.

*At the table*

Kosmo: Sorry to keep you all from waiting… (^_^; )

Yuki: That’s okay Kosmo.

Miko: *stares at the girl beside Yuki* Wait…You’re my underclassman from school right? Yuka was it?

Yuka: H-How do you know my name and that we go to the same school M-Miko? (0//0; )

Miko: The Arcade club at VG Academy is pretty famous you know and I believe that there was a time where I also re-

Yuka: A-ha-ha! They don’t need to know that part! (>//<; )

Luna & Étoile: Hmm?

Kosmo: Oh I forgot, these are my kids, Luna and Étoile.

Luna: Hi! (^_^ )

Étoile: H-Hello… (^_^; )

Yuki: Nice to meet you two. (^_^ )

Luna: *looks at the kid beside Yuki* Who’s he? The boy who’s beside you?

*Boy is surprised and happy with stars in his eyes*

Yuki: You’re the first kid to say that he’s a boy Luna. He’s really happy right now. (^_^ )

Luna: Really… (^_^; ) So what’s his name?

Yuki: Solar but you can call him Sol. He doesn’t talk much but once he gets used to you two, he’ll speak. He’s also going to be your new step-sibling.

Luna: Step-Sibling?

Étoile: What’s that?

Miko: It means that Sol over there is going to be part of our family once Kosmo and Yuki get married. Even if you three aren’t related, you are counted as siblings.

Luna: Oh…I get it now…

Miko: Wait…You actually understood that? (0_0 )

Luna: Yup! It also means that Étoile and I have the upper hand to date him when the time comes! (^_^ )

Étoile: *clueless* Hmm?   Sol: *terrified* {(0_0; )}   Yuka: [What’s she thinking?! (0//0 )]

Yuki: [How adorable coming from her. (^_^ )]   Kosmo: [Like Mother, Like Daughter… (-_-; )]

Miko: Whoa there little missy, you are thinking ahead of yourself there!

Luna: Come on now…You know I’m just kidding Uncle Miko…

Miko: I know that but don’t scare Sol! Look at-…Uhh, Yuka? (0_0 )

Yuka: *has some weird aura surrounding her and muttering to herself* {What was Luna thinking?! Now I’m thinking about that…Maybe it could happen as well with me and Miko if the same formula works but my sister who divorced Sensei and his brother who lost Sis’ best friend in an accident are getting married so were practically in-law siblings but if I can ignore that…*weird smiling* ghehehe…}

Miko: Okay then…I’m just gonna ignore that… (^_^; )

Luna: You sure? She looks like she’s plotting something over there… (^_^; ) Well anyways, nice to meet you Sol! Hope we can be great step-siblings! (^_^ )

Sol: Help (0_0; )

Luna: And that’s how we Sol! (^_^ )

Étoile: That was quick! I hardly had any lines here… (0_0; )

Luna: No worries Star! There’s gonna be an extra story along with this one and “He” may give you more lines…Probably… (^_^; )

Étoile: That’s not giving me hope Sis! (>_<; )

Main Story END


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