SibMag – Character Change

Bass: I feel like our “SibMag” short story has merged with the other’s respective story series… (-_-; )

Soprano: “Arcade Players: Max Power! (APMP!)” and “Idol Fighter! Idol Changers! (IFIC!)”, right? (^_^;)

Bass: Even the names of their story names are different now? (0_0; ) So that means their stories are completely new once “He” starts writing them out, huh…

Soprano: Yup! (^_^ ) Even we have a story of our own.

Alto: Seriously?! (0_0; )

Tenor: Well technically, “SibMag” are just short stories that happens in-between their stories and our actual story… (^_^; )

Alto: Wait…So we star in an actual story other than this one? What type is it?

Soprano: Yes! We don’t know what type it is yet but the 2 “SibMag” short stories that are out are gonna be the base of it.

Bass: Uh huh…

Tenor: So do we know our Story’s title?

Soprano: Our story title is still “SibMag” unfortunately, but our extended title is “A Scale of Possibilities” where we’re the Main Characters with our own story arc.

Alto: So the short version is, “SibMag SP” I’m guessing…

Bass: I wanna guess the Scale part is because of our names…

Tenor: How about we lose the “SibMag” part and just call it “A Scale of Possibilities”?

*Alto, Soprano, and Bass are thinking about it*

Bass: I agree…Huh? (0_0; )   Soprano: Same here…Huh? (0_0; )   Alto: No! (>_<; )

Tenor: Just ignore her.

Bass: Okay.   Soprano: Okay.   Alto: Huh? (0_0 )

Tenor: So which pair of siblings are next in “SibMag”?

???: That would be us. (^_^ )

???: N-Nice to meet you all… {(^_^; )}

Bass: Ah. It’s you two.

Soprano: Luna and Étoile, correct?

Luna: Yup! (^_^ )   Étoile: Y-Yes… (^_^ )

Bass: Wait…I thought Sol and San’s short story is next?

Luna: Oh no…That’s after ours.

Étoile: But they are also in our story so it counts…maybe… (^_^; )

Soprano: Wait…Bass got something wrong for once? (0_0; )

Tenor: Weird that it’s not during our short stories…

Bass: Maybe in our Main Story, I’ll get something wrong…I hope… (^_^; )

Alto: So “SibMag” will star the “IFIC!” group starting now, right?

Sol: It appears so…

San: I wonder how ours stories would be…

Sol: I’m hoping playful and not serious… (-_-; )

*Luna, Étoile, and San looks at Sol and pouts*

Sol: What? (0_0; )

Luna, Étoile, and San: We love you, Bro! (^//^ )

Sol: Huh? (0//0; )

Alto: Well lucky you Trapy! (^_^ )

Soprano: Yeah! Lucky you! haha (^_^ )

Sol: Please stop teasing me! (>//<; )

*San, Luna, Étoile, Alto, and Soprano are laughing*

Tenor and Bass: *thinking* Even if it’s just a joke, I will still never figure out their mindsets…And for some reason, I’m curious on how their stories will turn out…



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