Sibling Magnet – Soprano and Bass’ Part-time Debut

Part 1

*Soprano and Bass’ House: Bass’ Room*

*Bass’ playing “Udo Generations 2”*

*Soprano opens the door while holding a flyer*

Soprano: Bass!

Bass: What?

Soprano: Look at this flyer! *hands flyer to Bass*

Bass: Hmm…A new gaming facility is about to open in the VG District…

Soprano: And they’re looking for a pair of High School students to do some part-time work there. (^_^)

Bass: Uh huh…Good Luck. *puts flyer down and continues playing*

Soprano: …Didn’t you hear me? They’re looking for a pair of high school students.

Bass: And…

Soprano: You should come with me. (^_^)

Bass: Huh? Why can’t Alto and/or Tenor go with you?

Soprano: They said they’re busy with their part-time jobs.

Bass: *stops playing* *sarcastic* Really…This is the first time I’ve heard of them with part-time jobs, especially Alto.

Soprano: So, you wanna go?

Bass: Might as well…I have an interest in looking at this new facility anyway.

Soprano: Yay? (^_^; )

S: Hi~! My name is Soprano Crossfade and the one I’m chatting with is my little brother, Bass. You might have remembered us in Alto and Tenor’s story when we visited them and they got in that “Sticky” situation haha.

B: Stay on track Soprano!

S: *cough* Sorry… (^_^; ) Anyways, this takes place 2 years later after that and this is the story of how we got our part-time jobs.

*VG District: CG Ave.*

*Soprano and Bass get off a train*

Bass: So this is the VG District…

Soprano: It looks like this place is solely based on different famous Games from Arcade to Card Games.

Bass: Hey look! There’s a restaurant over there! It looks like an Idol Café. Wanna check it out before we head over to that facility?

Soprano: Sure! We might even have a conversation with the server that we get and ask him/her about the area. (^_^)

*TCG Idol Café: Entrance*

???: Hello and welcome to the TCG Idol Café! Table for two?

Bass: Yes.

???: Alright, right this way. *brings Soprano and Bass to their table* Is it your first time in the VG District?

Soprano: Yup! And we’re also applying for that new facility that’s going to open. (^_^)

???: So you two are applying for ACTC? *sits them down*

Soprano: *sits down* ACTC?

???: “Arcade City Trail Corner” or ACTC for short. That’s the new facility you guys are applying for. *hands them menu*

Bass: *takes menu* Do you know how to get there? Uhh…

Sol: Solar Nightingale is my name but people here call me Sol. (^_^)

Bass: Ah okay, Sol. *looking around the menu*

Sol: I can take you guys to ACTC if you want. I know the owner there and he’s also a family friend of mine. (^_^)

Soprano: Are you sure? What about your boss? Will he approve you leaving your shift early?

Sol: It’s okay. My aunt and uncle own this place. I’ll inform them as soon as you two are done.

Soprano: That’s really nice of you Sol. (^_^)

Sol: So you two ready to order? *takes out pencil and paper*

Bass: Yup! I’ll have a Mixed Berry Muffin and a Melon Milkshake.

Soprano: A Strawberry Parfait and a Rosette Nebula Drink for me. (^_^)

Sol: Okay. I’ll be back with your order. *grabs menus and leaves*

Soprano: Wow…Sol looks pretty cute! (^_^)

Bass: Yeah…Even though he’s a boy… (-_-; )

Soprano: What?! Seriously?! (O_O; ) How do you know?!

Bass: Just by looking at him.

Soprano: You sure? Let’s ask him or her just in case! (>_<; )

*few minutes later*

Sol: Yeah, I’m a boy.

Soprano: *shocked* (O_O; )   Bass: I knew it… (-_-; )

Sol: No worries Soprano. People who first come here in the VG District usually mistook me for a girl at first haha… (^_^; )

Soprano: Once again, Bass is right… (_ _; )

Sol: Huh? (0_0; )

Bass: Just ignore her last comment… (-_-; ) (I really want to make a wrong assumption one of these days…)

*after café time*

Sol: Uncle Miko! Aunt Yuka! I’m gonna show these two to ACTC!

Miko: Alright. Take care!

Yuka: Make sure you come back once after you show them!

???: I wanna go too!

???: Yeah! Same here!

Yuka: Luna! Étoile! You two stay here and finish your shift! The new part-timers haven’t shown up yet!

Luna & Étoile: *making pouty faces* Boo~! *returns to work* Idol~ Fight~!!

*VG District: GK St.*

*Sol, Soprano, and Bass looking at the District Centre Map*

Sol: Alright, if we continue to take GK St., it will take us to Arcade Ct. where ACTC is located.

Soprano: Wow…There’s a lot of Game-related facilities around here… (O_O; )

Bass: Can we go now? I’m about to get distracted…

Sol: Huh? Sure… (^_^; )


Soprano: Come to think of it, what type is your Café?

Sol: The Café? It’s a TCG and Deck Building type of facility.

Bass: That explains the Idol Fighter Deck in your pocket at that time.

Sol: You know about Idol Fighter?

Bass: A little… (^_^; )       Soprano: A LOT! (^_^) I love it!

Sol: You really must love Idol Fighter Soprano.

Soprano: Yup! I do! (^_^)

Bass: It’s the only TCG she knows and she also forced me to play with her… (^_^; )

Sol: So before we get into this topic… *brings their attention to the building in front of them* Here’s ACTC, the new Rhythm Arcade Facility! (^_^)

Bass: Rhythm…

Soprano: Arcade…

Soprano: Facility?! (^_^)      Bass: Facility?! (O_O; )

S: I was actually surprised that this building was a Rhythm Arcade Facility though our surprised reactions got even bigger once we got inside…

Part 2

*ACTC: Entrance**Person standing in front of them with his back turned*

Sol: Hey! I brought a couple of people who want to be recruited here!

???: Really?! Who are they?

Soprano: Soprano…

Bass: And Bass Crossfade, sir…*Person turns around and starts greeting Soprano and Bass*

???: Well hello there Soprano! Bass! (^_^)

Bass: Wait…You’re The 24th Arcade King, Fuuko Gamerson!

Fuuko: Surprised that I’m still known… (^_^; )

*Two more people come to the area*

???: Oi! Did some new recruits come? Let me see them! (^_^)

???: I’m curious too! (^_^) Oh. Sol what brings you here?

Sol: I brought some recruits for your Facility. (^_^)

Soprano: *fan mode* Oh. My. Idols! I know who you two are! (^_^) You’re Aqua and Soul from Duo Sparking Waters! (^_^)

U-ko: You don’t have to call us by our stage names or idol group… (^_^; ) Talk to us  normally. I’m U-ko Gamerson, Fuuko’s youngest sister.

San: And I’m Sunshine Furea but I’m usually called San. I’m also Sol’s twin sister. (^_^)

Bass: Wait…You’re this Trap’s sister?

Soprano: Are you sure? He may be a cute trap but you two don’t look alike…

Sol: I’m known as a trap to them…this isn’t right… (T^T; )

San: Come on now…You two are making Sol cry now… (^_^; ) By the way if I do this… *removes ponytail band and contacts and puts on glasses* And there we go! (^_^)

Soprano: …They look alike… (0_0; )    Bass: Wow…They really do look like twins… (0_0; )

Soprano and Bass: Especially at the chest area… (^_^; )

Sol: *turns head away from San* Pfft!

San: *blushes* Where are you two looking at?! (0//0; )

Bass: Sorry haha (^_^ ) Anyway, you two have different last names even though you guys are siblings…

Sol: Our parents split up when we were 2 years old and I started living with our mother and my new step family while San is living with our father.

San: We didn’t actually see each other until I began my Idol career with U-ko a year and a half ago when Fuuko asked me to form a group with her… (^_^; )

Fuuko: It was her mother’s request though… (^_^; ) Oh yeah, I remember there was a house 3 blocks away from yours where it occasionally blows up from the inside but then smells really nice after. (^_^)

U-ko: I think the scent that time was something sweet? Or was it sour? (^_^; )

Soprano and Bass: I think I know what house they’re talking about… (-_-; )

Fuuko: Okay…with that aside, Soprano! Bass!

Soprano and Bass: Yes!

Fuuko: You two ready for the trial period?

Soprano: Trial Period?

Bass: So you’re testing us…

Soprano: Huh? (0_0; )

Fuuko: Yup! You got it, Bass!

U-ko: It will be a Duo Trial so I’ll be pairing up with Fuuko while you two pair up. 

Bass: Duo Trial, right?

Fuuko: Yup! We’re playing one of the seven Rhythm based games that are based off of Arcade City’s Districts.

Soprano: Isn’t there 14 Districts in Arcade City since it’s both Gaming and Virtual Reality?

U-ko: You can say that but our world and the VR World are similar just that the VR World enhances our gaming ability.

Soprano: Oh okay…I think I get it now.

Fuuko: We even have a new beta VR system that we’re trying out in this facility.

Bass: Really?! Where?

Fuuko: Those 6 giant pads over there.

U-ko: Just stand on one of the pads and then say the catchphrase.

Bass: And this catchphrase is…?*Fuuko, U-ko, San, and Sol run and get on 4 of the pads and begin taking a stance**I’ll let your imagination run wild on what their actions are*

Fuuko: Know the Tune…

U-ko: Follow the Tempo!

Sol: Get into the Rhythm…

San: Showtime’s on!

*Pads activate and VR Field comes out*

*Again, let your imagination run wild on their transformation sequence*

Name: Fuuko Gamerson, Avatar: Kuro Yuuto Udo aka KYU, Gen V, Fuse!

Name: U-ko Gamerson, Avatar: Haruna Kajiya aka Sora Udo-Mizuppoi, Gen V, Fuse!

Name: Solar Furea-Nightingale, Avatar: Haruki Piko Udo aka Ruki, Gen V, Fuse!

Name: Sunshine Furea, Avatar: Haruto Michi Udo aka Ruto, Gen V, Fuse!

*Fuuko, U-ko, San, and Sol do final transformation pose with their VR Avatar outfits*

*Soprano and Bass are amazed and clapping*

Soprano: That looks pretty cool~! (^_^)

Bass: So we don’t have to look like the actual Characters the Udo series, huh…

U-ko: Yup! With this VR Field, you basically change outfits and have set skills like in Arcade City.

Fuuko: So, You guys wanna try it out? We still have two more Pads available.

Soprano: Yeah! I wanna try!

Bass: Well we still have to do our trial period, so might as well…

*Soprano and Bass get on the remaining 2 pads and begin taking the stance*

Soprano: Know the Tune…

Bass: Follow the Tempo!

Soprano: Get into the Rhythm…

Bass: Showtime’s on!

*Pads activate and VR Field comes out*

Name: Soprano Crossfade, Avatar: Tsubasa Shun, Gen V, Fuse!

Name: Bass Crossfade, Avatar: Kyo Daisuke, Gen V, Fuse!

*Soprano and Bass do final transformation pose with their VR Avatar outfits*

U-ko: Hmm…Tsubasa and Kyo, never thought you guys would choose them…

Fuuko: It doesn’t seem weird to me…

Sol: Are these your favourite Characters in the Udo series?

Soprano and Bass:  Yes.

San: Nice Soprano! *grabs Soprano’s hands* I’m glad that I’m not the only one who chose a male character avatar. (^_^)

Soprano: Well the female avatar outfit for Tsubasa looks pretty cute and that one part in the Gen III Manga where…

Bass: *annoyed* Okay, Okay, Okay! Can we get this started before this starts to become an Udo conversation!?

Soprano and San: hehe Sorry… (^_^; )

*In the VR Field*

Fuuko: Okay…Let’s pick the games we’re gonna play…*Menu pops out with the 7 rhythm games*

U-ko: Rhythm Cards, Rhythm Dancing, Rhythm Fighting, Rhythm Racing, Rhythm Puzzles, Rhythm Shooting, and Rhythm Sports. Choose one that you guys are positive on Winning. (^_^)

Bass: Ah Okay…Huh? (0_0; )  Soprano: I choose Rhythm Dancing! (^_^)

Fuuko: Uh…Soprano, aren’t you two supposed to agree on the same thing? (^_^; )

Soprano: I know, but I’m definitely positive that Bass and I will win this! (^_^)

Sol: Bass, are you fine with this?

Bass: Yeah, I’m fine with it…If Soprano says we’re gonna win this, we’re gonna win this!

San: That’s some confidence you got there trusting your sister like that…I wish Sol was like that…
(^_^; )

Sol: I swear if these jokes get any further, this short story series might turn into a Wincest series…
(-_-; )

San: But in ours-

Sol: LALALA~! Can we just start this already?! (>_<; )

Bass: Yeah…I kinda want to start now…

U-ko: Okay… (^_^; ) Let’s Begin this then! *clicks on Rhythm Dancing*

B: It looks like our Rhythm Dancing Trial Period battle is gonna start…What type of Music are we gonna dance to? Plus, what are Sol and San’s role if Soprano and I are not versing them?

Part 3


Game chosen: Rhythm Dancing

*VR Field Changes to a Stage*

Sol: Okay, the way how Rhythm Dancing works is that San and I will give you the moves that you guys will make. There will get 3 Appeal Battles happen at the close to each end of the rounds where you have to be the first one once the timer hits close to Zero so make sure you are the one closest and don’t over shoot it.

San: There will be 3 Rounds: 2 Solo rounds and 1 Team Round. Whoever gets the most the best score wins.

Fuuko: Alright. Now you understand the rules, are you two ready?

Soprano and Bass: Yes.

U-ko: Alrighty! Let’s begin Rhythm Dancing!

*Catchy Music begins playing*

Round 1: Fuuko vs Bass

Sol: Okay, you ready? Let round 1 begin! One, Two, One, Two, Three, Four!

Right, Left! Left, Right! Up & Down, Spin Jump!

Right, Left! Left, Right! Up & Down, Spin Jump!

Slide to the Left, Slide to the Right! Criss-Cross, Fist Pump!

Slide to the Left, Slide to the Right! Criss-Cross, Fist Pump!

Run It Up Forward, Monastery! Run It to the Back, Monastery!

Run It Up Forward, Monastery! Run It to the Back, Monastery!

Point to the Left, Point to the Right! Kick Cross Step x2, Slide Forward, Cool Pose!

Point to the Left, Point to the Right! Kick Cross Step x2, Slide Forward, Cool Pose!

Sol: Alright! Appeal in 3…2…1!


Bass: Flare~ Cross!

Score: Team ACTC: 14000 Team Cross: 15000

Fuuko: Not bad Bass! (^_^ )

Bass: I learn from the best!

Fuuko: Soprano?

Bass: Yes… (-_-; )

Soprano: *blushes* (0//0)

Round 2: U-ko vs Soprano

San: Okay, switch up! Are you 2 ready? Let round 2 begin! One, Two, One, Two, Three, Four!

Left Slide, Lock! Right Slide, Lock! Watergate, Spin, Pose!

Left Slide, Lock! Right Slide, Lock! Watergate, Spin, Pose!

Sway Hips to the Left, Two-Step! Sway Hips to the Right, Two-Step!

Sway Hips to the Left, Two-Step! Sway Hips to the Right, Two-Step!

Run It Up Forward, Old Man! Run It to the Back, Butterfly!

Run It Up Forward, Old Man! Run It to the Back, Butterfly!

Point to the Left, Point to the Right! Kick Cross Step x2, Slide Forward, Idol Pose!

Point to the Left, Point to the Right! Kick Cross Step x2, Slide Forward, Idol Pose!

San: Alright! Appeal Time! 3…2…1!


U-ko: Aurora~ Star Gate!

Score: Team ACTC: 34000 Team Cross: 33000

Soprano: As expected from an Idol that assisted the Arcade King!

U-ko: What are you talking about? You’re amazing as well Soprano! (^_^ )

Soprano: Thank you! Now I’m fully motivated to beat you and Fuuko! Let’s do this Bass! (^_^ )

U-ko: We’ll see about that! Let’s go Fuuko!

Round 3: Team ACTC vs Team Cross

San: Okay, team up! Is everyone ready?

Sol: Let the final round begin! One, Two, One, Two, Three, Four!

Freestyle! (Just think whatever dance moves that pops out of your head)

Sol: Now! Appeal!

San: 3…2…1!


Soprano and Bass: Breezy Spring~ Barbeque!

Fuuko, U-ko, Sol, and San: Huh? (0_0; )

And Pose!


*Catchy Music ends*

Final Score: Team ACTC: 50380 Team Cross: 51600

Fuuko: That Duo appeal…What was that?

Sol: Was that supposed to be a gag appeal or something?

U-ko: No…I think it’s one of their Personal Appeals…

San: It’s sort of similar to me and U-ko when we perform on stages as idols…

*Person clapping at the Entrance*

???: Wow! That was amazing~! You guys are great! Can I try as well? (^_^ )

???: You know we’re to look for Sol, not to play around… (-_-; )

Soprano: Oh! Alto! Tenor! What brings you here?

Alto: Hi Soprano! Bass! (^_^ )

Fuuko: Friends of yours?

Bass: No. Our Cousins.

Sol: Ah. The Part-timers.

San: Are they the ones that work at the Café?

Sol: Yes…And I’m in charge with one of them… (-_-; )

Alto: Ah. There you are Trapy! Tenor, I found Trapy! (^_^ )

San: That one? (-_-; )

Sol: That one… (_ _; )

U-ko: She looks interesting… (^_^; )

Soprano: Don’t underestimate her U-ko. She is the most dangerous one out of the four of us.

U-ko: Really… (^_^; )

Alto: Oh yeah! Trapy, I got a message for you from Yuka-tan!

Fuuko: Yuka…tan? *trying to not burst into laughter*

Bass: Why is he trying to not laugh?

U-ko: He and Yuka go way back so just let him be for now… (^_^; )

Bass: Okay?

Sol: So what’s the message?

Alto: Well the message is…

Tenor: No wait, Alto! (0_0; )

Alto: *imitating Yuka* *glare* Oi…

Everyone: {(0_0; )}

Alto: *imitating Yuka* Stop playing around and come to my direction…

*VR Field disappears; Everyone is back to their original clothes and forcefully went to Alto*

Alto: *imitating Yuka* Sol, if ya don’t come back with the part-timers by the time this message is sent, you “WILL” be wearing a crossplay outfit for the next six weeks!

Sol: O-O-OKAY! {(0_0; )}

Alto: *imitating Yuka* And Fuuko!

Fuuko: Y-Yes? {(0_0; )}

Alto: *imitating Yuka* Make sure you give Sol that package you were supposed to give me today since he’s there already! Got it?

Fuuko: Y-Yes? {(0_0; )}

Alto: *imitating Yuka* Good! (^_^ ) *Back to Normal* And that’s the message! haha (^_^ )

Fuuko, U-ko, Sol, and San: *thinking* She Mastered the Legendary Yuka Glare just like that… {(0_0; )}

Soprano and Bass: *thinking* What kind of demonic glare is that… {(0_0; )}

Tenor: *thinking* To see that glare not once but twice?! {(0_0; )}

Alto: Hmm? (^_^; )

*Few minutes later*

Fuuko: Here’s Yuka’s package Sol.

Sol: Thanks Fuuko…Well I guess I’ll take my leave then… (^_^; )

Tenor: Same here… (-_-; )

Alto: Bye! (^_^ )

Fuuko, U-ko, and San: Bye… (^_^; )

Soprano and Bass: See ya… (^_^; )

*Alto, Tenor, and Sol leaves*

Fuuko: Now back with you two… *looks at Soprano and Bass* Soprano! Bass!

Soprano and Bass: Y-Yes! {(0_0; )}

Fuuko: Since you defeated me and U-ko in the Duo Trail, I approve of you two working here at ACTC!

Soprano and Bass: Really?! (0_0 )

Fuuko: Really. (^_^ )

Soprano: Yay!! (^_^ ) Bass: Nice. (^_^ )

*U-ko and San are clapping*

U-ko: Congrats you two! (^_^ )

San: Pleasure to be working with you guys at ACTC! (^_^ )

S: And that’s how Bass and I got our part-time jobs. I was really happy that we were able to get the job at ACTC. Having to see Alto and Tenor working at the TCG Idol Café makes it even better!

B: But it seems that none of us can be separated from each other… (-_-; )

S: Well at least nothing blew up in their Café…yet.

B: True…

Soprano and Bass’ Part-Time Debut END


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