SibMag – Character Debut

Alto: Yay! We finally make our first appearance!

Tenor: True but there’s one thing I don’t get…

Alto: What is it?

Tenor: Why aren’t his first, second, or third original characters showing up first and made us, his fourth original characters, go first?

Alto: Wait…We have other characters before us? (0_0; )

Tenor: It is true… (-_-; )

Bass: Ah don’t sweat it! Unlike them, we were revealed first and our profiles will pop-up one by one once everything gets in gear! (^_^ )

Alto: Really?

Bass: Yes.

Alto: Question. Will we ever meet these other characters?

Soprano: I hear that we are but I’m not sure yet…It’ll depend if “He” writes them in or not…

Tenor: Wait…Aren’t you two next in the “Sibling Magnet” series?

Bass: Yes.

Tenor: Then “He” might write them in.

Bass: True…We are entering their territory in our story…Plus all of us are not important characters in their stories so they have to show up sooner or later… (^_^; )

Soprano: I can’t what they’ll have in store of us! (^_^ )

Tenor: Well then I wish you both luck.

Alto: Same here! (^_^ )

Soprano and Bass: Thanks…Huh? (0_0; )



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