Luna & Étoile’s Extra Story – Idol Fighter

Étoile: 5 years after Mama and Papa got married, Bro opened up to us for a bit and we started to play together.

Luna: I think there was one time where we found how awesome yet weird Sol was when we tried out Papa’s Company’s latest Card Game.

Étoile: Oh! “Idol Fighter”, right?

Luna: Yup! That’s the one! Continue reading


Sibling Magnet – Luna & Étoile’s First Step-Sibling Encounter

Luna: Hey Papa, when are we meeting our new Mama?

Kosmo: In due time Luna. You seem to be eager of meeting her. Why is that?

Luna: It’s been a while since Mama left us after that big ball of flame thingy happened in the city 3 years and then you started…I think the word is “cheating” with other women to replace her. (^_^ )

Kosmo: The word is not “cheating”, it’s “dating”! They are 2 different words! (^_^; ) Continue reading

SibMag – Character Change

Bass: I feel like our “SibMag” short story has merged with the other’s respective story series… (-_-; )

Soprano: “Arcade Players: Max Power! (APMP!)” and “Idol Fighter! Idol Changers! (IFIC!)”, right? (^_^;)

Bass: Even the names of their story names are different now? (0_0; ) So that means their stories are completely new once “He” starts writing them out, huh… Continue reading